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ZXQ-2 Metallographic Mounting press Ixiang-5Metallographic Mounting press


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ZXQ-2 is suitable for tiny or irregular metallorgraphic, lithofacies specimen to be mouted so that the sample will be cut or grinded and polished, and then metallography, spectral measurement or hardness testing. This, machine adopts 7’’big LCD screen display, which has the function of real-time temperature, holding time, cooling temperature. The complete process which is heating, constant pressure, cooling and sample preparation is controlled bu the CPU. The equipment can automatically press, heat and set the temperature condition in a minute. It is easy for us to operate the equipment with the stop button. After the sample preparation, the equipment may show prompt alarm and automatic pressure relief, automatic cooling, which can achieve the idea effect. It is one necessary equipment in laboratory of colleges, research institutes and factories.

Technical Paramenters


This machine's optimized heating and cooling system makes the setting time extremely short. And all processes from heating, holding, holding, cooling and unloading are done automatically with one click.

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