Professional fully automatic water distiller with built-in 16 litter storage tank. Automatically - controlled water distiller made of high quality stainless steel. Designed for producing high purity distillate without full-time personnel control. Distillate produces has conductivity approximately 2.5 μS/cm. All parts for installation (hoses, etc.) are included.


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Exceptional Heat resistance stainless steel
DRAGLAB water distillers only made with AISI 304 high quality stainless steel produced accordance ASTM standards for all parts that contact water and steam with excellent corrosion resistance, rust-free and heat resistance. Housing is electrostatic powder coated galvanized steel Water stills are energy efficient, reliable, maintenance-free, easy to operate and service-friendly

DragLab Water Still offers unique advantages
• Durable, reliable and Low cost
• High purity distilled water - conductivity approx 2,5 μS/cm
• Built-in 16 litter storage tank
• Automatic water switching and power cut-off
• Electronic water level switch
• Automatic thermostatic cut-off safety system
• Hearing element made of high quality stainless steel
• All material contact water made of stainless steel AISI 304
• Easily accessed evaporator & storage tank for effortless cleaning and maintenance
• The unit is suitable for both bench and wall mounting.
• All parts and tools for installation included.
• CE Certificate
• 2-years warranty

Automatic control system
Professional fully automatic water distiller with built-in tank. Excellent quality of distillation. An electronic level switch switches the still off when the storage tank is full and restarts it automatically when distilled water is withdrawn. Dispenser Tap of distilled water. With flow regulator to avoid excessive water consumption


Field of application
DRAGLAB water distillers are required in research and development for bacteriological and medical sample preparation, for the preparation of cell and tissue cultures as well as for the production of reagents and ointments. In addition, distillate is used for cleaning and sterilization processes, for buffer solutions as well as for microbiological and analytical applications.


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