Large Capacity, High-Speed Centrifuges


3 multi-purpose, large capacity, either bench top and floor-standing, centrifuges including the top-of-the-range model that can process samples up to 54.111 xg. Max capacity 4x750 mL or 8 x 400 mL blood bags swing out and 6x500 mL fixed angle


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GYROZEN 2236R centrifuge is designed for large capacity and high-speed daily working laboratories to save time with a streamlining process. This model goes up to 22,000 rpm (54,111 x g) with six of 50 ml tubes and 7,000 rpm (10,825 x g) with six of one-liter bottles. It covers down to PCR-tube and micro tubes and up to 1 L tubes. The beauty of this model is graphical display on a 7″ touch screen with intuitive controls. All the setting conditions are shown in a numerical way and the actual operating status
in a graphic. It also provides high flexibility in manipulations of sophisticated protocols such as multi-step centrifugation or step-wise continuous operation. 2236R is the best choice for the multi-users environment like a core facility with functions of ID and password control and tracking. It is widely used not only research laboratories but industrial
production facilities too. With the lift-up lid and the small footprint of 2236R, you will love the freedom of space organization.


Ideal for a wide range of experiments from simple precipitation and separation to filtering, concentration, precipitations, density gradient separation, etc.
Clinical, industrial, academic and scientific separation applications


GYROZEN 1096R is a large capacity centrifuge for large-volume daily-working processes such as high-throughput sample preparation. This model offers a performance of
up to 10,000 rpm (14,981 x g) with six of 250 ml tubes and 5,000 rpm (5,324 x g) with 96-well filter plate set. The capacity of eight 400 ml blood bags or 144 vacutainer tubes per single run makes 1096R ideal for blood fractionation and collection in blood banks, clinics and commercial laboratories. The two-step deceleration profile supports the separated blood phases being kept as it is. In addition, this model can be operated in a variety of applications like oil analysis, milk fat measurement, impurity investigation, etc. with many different shapes of 100 ml glass tubes. A wide range of accessories of six swing-out rotors and two fixed-angle rotors make it possible for versatile and highthroughput operations. The cooling function can set the temperature in the range from -10 °C to + 40 °C. Same as other GYROZEN refrigerated centrifuges, 1096R has a powerful cooling system that reaches 4 °C within 5 minutes at room temperature through the “Fast Cool” function. With GYROZEN 1096R centrifuge, you can enjoy the highquality performance to retain the valuable samples at desired temperature and conditions.


Ideal for diverse clinical, industrial, academic and scientific applications
Specially designed buckets available for 100 ml glass tubes to analyze oil, milk fat toxic components, impurities, etc.
Adaptors available for blood separation in 500 ml & 250 ml blood bags or variable sizes of blood collection tubes

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