Grinding Polishing Machine


Mopao 4S Metallographic grinding polishing machine


Categories : Metallographic


MoPao 4S automatic grinding /polishing machine is a dual disc desktop, right and left disc can be independently controlled, is a new generation of international standards, using international advanced technology manufacturing high precision, sample process automatic grinding and polishing equipment.

This machine adopts advanced microprocessor control system, which makes the speed of grinding plate and grinding head stepless adjustable, sample making pressure, time setting intuitive and convenient. The operator only needs to replace the grinding plate or gold phase sand paper and polishing fabric to complete the grinding and throwing process operation, so that the machine shows a more extensive application. This machine has the rotation direction of grinding wheel, grinding wheel can be replaced quickly, center loading and single point loading, automatic distribution of grinding mill (optional), smooth rotation, safety and reliability, low noise and increase the rigidity of cast aluminum base.

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